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DONE! (and just starting) :)

2010-05-30 14:01:26 by CreamingStar

Just finished my first year of med school! WOOT!

Now I finally have the time and I'm making some major leaps on my next piece "In That Final Hour". I'll keep ya'll updated, but I'm guessing that it will be out by next Friday! Get excited! I know I am!


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2010-05-30 14:09:52

your really in med school? cool glad for you so what do you want to be?

CreamingStar responds:

Yuppers, I'm slaving away to become a doctor. Not too sure what I want to do yet though. I'm doing some research in emergency medicine this summer so maybe that will call to me (If I can put up with 12 hour shifts haha)! I see you want to get into video game design. What kind of games are you in to bigmac?


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