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Calling All Composers!

2010-10-13 19:42:44 by CreamingStar

I am starting a website "", and the idea is to get several artists together and connect them with flash/indie game and movie producers. Hopefully, I can get more work for aspiring composers, and help them get their name out. Also, this would give flash/indie producers a one-stop-shop for the music needs, with a condensed variety of composers that they can rely on. The website is now being built, and I need artists.

Want to become one of these artists, and get more business/exposure?
Initially I would like 3 classical genre composers, 3 electronic, 2 retro, and maybe 2-3 pop/instrumental composers. As a composer, you must be able to work on projects in reasonable time frames, and conduct yourself as a honest, business professional. Your work must also be of comparable or better quality then the samples that you offer (i.e. don't start slacking off) You joining would involve a 1-2 month contract, extendable if you are abiding to all terms and there are no new artists to fill your spot.

What you need to do if you are interested:
1) Send me a PM with links to 3 pieces of variable styles in your genera. Please include which of the above genre your music would fit under. You may only have music from one of the genre mentioned above, so send samples only from this genre.
2) With this send me a description of your producing situation. Please include how busy you are, and how quickly you can get out a song. Please be honest with this.

I will decide the artists that will be featured on the site in this next couple of months, and those that do not make the cut, will be put on the waiting list. Good luck everyone, and spread the word!

Take care everyone,
Ryan Huebinger


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2010-10-16 16:28:23

thanks a lot for sending me a pm about this, makes it seem that you see a future in me to become something more then just some amateur :D
but i have to refuse your offer for now... im quite busy lately and too much in a learning phase in my opinion to start of a bit more professional
i have the feeling that playing the piano learns me a lot about music and that knowledge will leave result in my compositions one day, but i have only been playing for 4 months and 2 weeks or something like that if i remember properly so this could still bring me a lot further if i continue, until i can play better my own creations are slightly on hold, once i sort of settled down i might contact you if i think its the right time for me, but that wont be anytime soon i think (otherwise i might only disappoint you)

thank you
i hope you find some great people to work with

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